To Valentine: A Love Letter <3

Dear Valentine,

You might be wondering why I still love you even when I know that we are never going to be together. But can you stop clouds from raining, sun from shining, stars from twinkling, then how can I stop loving you? I found myself incomplete without you. The more I tried hating you the more I missed you. It’s been another 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes, 31536000 seconds and above all 42048000 heart beats without you but for you with just a hope that one day it will beat with your heart.

I still remember the first time I ever saw you, I started falling for you. The charm in your smile, the shine in your eyes, the elegancy on your face, the melody of your voice, the simplicity in your style, I lived a lifetime in that moment. And from that moment to every minute I knew I am going to make a mistake by falling in love with you because Angels never fall for demons but if mistakes are so beautiful, I am going to make them every other second. But you know what’s the best love story is. It’s neither about living together nor it’s about dying together but it’s about to live for each other, for each other’s happiness. Probably our love story is supposed to be one of such best ones.

I know I never said how I felt about you because every second with you, I was lost into you. I could have spent hours, days, months, years just sitting watching you smiling, talking, laughing, being happy, and being the most beautiful person I ever knew. Even on days when you spoke nothing, your silence and your expressive eyes said it all. Every moment I spent with you I wish I could stop the time for forever. I wish I could hold you for forever and never let you go. But for me happiness is when you are happy. You always said if you care for someone, you don’t do things that hold her back and I don’t care for any one, not even myself, as much as I do care for you. And of course, that’s what love is all about, to put someone else needs before yours!

I always wish to make you feel the way you make others to feel. The utmost care you give to everyone around you, the love you spread, the aura of simplicity and happiness you create, the elegancy you taught, I wish someday I can give you the feeling of being loved, the feeling of being cared, the feeling of being special, the feeling of being the best, which you always are. Even if I have to move away from you, the heart will never be apart. I am always yours with a hope that someday you will be mine too. I know when I fall in love with you, I didn’t put a condition that you have to fall for me too, yet I always secretly wished that someday it will happen. But even if it doesn’t happen, I wish that whether you are with or without me, your smile always stay with you.

It’s difficult to write anything further not because I don’t have anything else to day but because I can never really find the right words to make you understand how much you matters to me. Yet every time I end I hope it can be a beginning.

I Love You, Valentine and I always will!

With An Everlasting Love,



About Mickey!

An engineer by degree, an analyst for employer, brother for some, friends for others and may be even enemy for few but while playing all these different roles for different people, I have lost myself. Who am I? I just hope someone day while expressing these unexpressed feeling, I will figure out myself! Till then, Enjoy the life! Cheerio!
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