Another Valentine: Another Love Letter!

It’s been almost 8 months when I last wrote something but what could have been a better occasion than the day of love (Okay, I know it’s almost the end of the day but it would have never mattered even if I would have posted it in the morning as you all guys and girls were busy planning for the day) to re-start what I loved and others hated. But the problem is what to write about. I can’t write better than my own first ever love letter (A love letter – the confession of a lover) and I won’t be able to re-iterate the feeling of how to celebrate it in the Indian way as I did it in 2012 (Valentine Day -Lets give it an Indian touch). I tried to outclass myself in 2013 (To Valentine – With Love) and then again in 2014 (To Valentine – A Love Letter) but seems to be futile. But then I feel even if words fail to express, love keeps on growing each day, each second. So this letter is dedicated to all those girls who failed to recognize their prince charming. (Now that’s a different matter of fact that no girl will ever accept that she actually failed)

Dear Valentine,

Sometimes I just wish I could have placed a camera in each paper to capture your expressions while reading these letters. May be you would be angry or you might smile or after all these years, you might be confused too that who the hell is he. But your each moment is a memory for me which I have always loved to capture and preserve.

I don’t even know if I ever loved you and in fact I always kept on thinking how to know if someone really loves you. In life, the hardest thing is to give up your own dream to fulfil someone else dream. And if someone is ready to give up his dream for yours, probably he loves you. And I didn’t even have a dream until I met you. I never cared for destination as long as you were there with me on my journey.

You might be thinking if I was so much in love with you why I have never expressed it. That is the problem with good guys. They are never taught to express and accept their feelings. Even when they get hurt, they are asked not to cry but to suffer the pain. We are the one who made to believe in the quotes like ‘If you really love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, then it was never ’. And then we just watch the bad ones taking away our love and we keep listening to the song, ‘Let her go’ in loop. Apart from it, I always believe the one sided love stories are the best amongst all. It’s the love without lust, unconditional, without any expectation and complains.

But this letter is not to express why some things never happened but it’s to make you remember that if you ever get into any difficult times, remember there is still someone for whom your smile matters more than anything else. Your happiness is still the part of someone’s prayer. Someone was more than happy to know that, even if for a shorter period of time, he was the reason behind your smile. Someone was proud to be the one whom you believed is never going to judge you and you can be what you really are. Someone who would always cherish each memory of yours whether it was your scariest feeling or most idiotic thought you always kept on sharing.

I always knew one day I will have to start all over again a completely new life with new people in a new city with the memories of past. And someone has very rightly quoted, “Everyone has their own Robin – the person that you loved very much, but you cannot be with. And whoever you’ll meet, whatever you’ll do, nothing will be like it would be with Robin.” But till that day, your dream will be mine.

Happy Valentine! Miss you as always,


P.S.: As always, this is completely imaginary post for an imaginary love which no one ever imagined. I am as single as always with no intention to get into love.


About Mickey!

An engineer by degree, an analyst for employer, brother for some, friends for others and may be even enemy for few but while playing all these different roles for different people, I have lost myself. Who am I? I just hope someone day while expressing these unexpressed feeling, I will figure out myself! Till then, Enjoy the life! Cheerio!
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