Random Thoughts

IMG_20160725_170731There is a ship waiting to take you to another place, a far off distant place but what that place would hold in for you. And you wonder why would you actually want to sail off? You have been running away from something and towards something but you never knew what that something is. And then comes a time when you don’t even want to figure out what that something is. You just want to keep running and running till you fall off and get so exhausted that you couldn’t even get up again! And at that moment, that very moment you will get to know all that you was running to and running away was Life! Just to live a life you or someone else viewed for you, you were running away from the life you were actually suppose to live! And since now you can’t go ahead and past won’t come back to you, you would just live like fully grown tree – an immovable – cannot grow further – living being – waiting to serve someone who can at least make use of this other no more useful life! What if I would have taken that ship – would the life be different – or it would have still be the way it is now! What if…!!!


About Mickey!

An engineer by degree, an analyst for employer, brother for some, friends for others and may be even enemy for few but while playing all these different roles for different people, I have lost myself. Who am I? I just hope someone day while expressing these unexpressed feeling, I will figure out myself! Till then, Enjoy the life! Cheerio!
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