Life – Accept it!

The silence of night helps you to find many secrets amongst the darkness. Many a times we keep wondering why such things are even happening to you. Especially, if you have lived a life where you didn’t try to harm anyone intentionally. But then the night makes you realise a every important aspect of life.


If one just learn to accept the failure, and move on to try again next time, rather than crying over that failure, life could have been happier.

If one just accept that not all the dreams come true. Make those pieces of broken dream to create new dreams.

Although a broken dream hurts more than a broken heart, but if the dream is about a heart, it hurts the most! One has to accept the pain and find the strength  amongst that pain!

You cannot get everything and everyone you love. Accept! not everything and everyone is made for you, they have their own life stories which you might not be aware off!

Life is simple, just be honest, accept the failure and defeat, accept that you cannot be perfect! Although, you cannot make everyone happy at all the time, at least make those few happy who you can and when you can!

About Mickey!

An engineer by degree, an analyst for employer, brother for some, friends for others and may be even enemy for few but while playing all these different roles for different people, I have lost myself. Who am I? I just hope someone day while expressing these unexpressed feeling, I will figure out myself! Till then, Enjoy the life! Cheerio!
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