Let’s live before we leave!

Life is a long story with lot of twists, love, pain, emotions, drama! And at some point of time it becomes so complicated that you miss the most important part of it! Your life is about you, you are suppose to be the lead actor in your life story and rest everyone else are the characters which helps you to build your time story! But when you give away your storyline and let other characters to decide how your story is going to be, you lose the plot! You end up being nowhere in your own story!

That’s when you need to flip over the pages, take a pause and take the control of your role. Don’t try to make your role lovable, just make it simple! Don’t try to be someone else and nor force any character of your life story to be you! Let everyone including you grow with time! Because doesn’t matter what you try, how hard you try, its a story and sooner or later, there would an end to it! And the day you close your book, it wouldn’t matter how many characters were there in your book, it wouldn’t matter how those character were but what would matter is whether you lived your story or not! Let’s live before we leave!

About Mickey!

An engineer by degree, an analyst for employer, brother for some, friends for others and may be even enemy for few but while playing all these different roles for different people, I have lost myself. Who am I? I just hope someone day while expressing these unexpressed feeling, I will figure out myself! Till then, Enjoy the life! Cheerio!
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