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इंतज़ार – The wait!

गुज़रती तन्हा रातो को, सुबह के साथी का, इंतज़ार ! सहमी सी इन आँखों को, किसी की बाहों का, इंतज़ार ! अंधेरो में भटकते इस राहगीर को, मंज़िल की रोशनी का, इंतज़ार ! बरसते मोतियों को, एक छोटी सी मुस्कराहट … Continue reading

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What if tomorrow I am no more!

I have seen a lot of dreams, And some dreams I have not even seen, I have to find what destiny has in store, But what if tomorrow I am no more! For someone’s win, someone lose, But to lose … Continue reading

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Emotionally Dead!

I’m smiling, with tears in my eyes, There is no truth, no more lies, Time is running, life getting fade, But I don’t care, I’m emotionally dead! I’m tired, still I’m walking, No one can hear me, yet I’m shouting, … Continue reading

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Oh world! How you turned so lifeless!?

Boston Blast, Bangalore Blasts, Delhi Rape, the world is getting uglier each day. Will we ever be able to see a day when no heinous crime occur in any part of world? Oh world! How you turned so lifeless!? Sins … Continue reading

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