Let’s live before we leave!

Life is a long story with lot of twists, love, pain, emotions, drama! And at some point of time it becomes so complicated that you miss the most important part of it! Your life is about you, you are suppose to be the lead actor in your life story and rest everyone else are the characters which helps you to build your time story! But when you give away your storyline and let other characters to decide how your story is going to be, you lose the plot! You end up being nowhere in your own story!

That’s when you need to flip over the pages, take a pause and take the control of your role. Don’t try to make your role lovable, just make it simple! Don’t try to be someone else and nor force any character of your life story to be you! Let everyone including you grow with time! Because doesn’t matter what you try, how hard you try, its a story and sooner or later, there would an end to it! And the day you close your book, it wouldn’t matter how many characters were there in your book, it wouldn’t matter how those character were but what would matter is whether you lived your story or not! Let’s live before we leave!

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Solo Trip #1.2

Alas! I should have planned atleast the hotel booking. Mad rush with all the hotel rooms booked! But streets are empty! Why would someone comes out of his home just to sleep! Anyways, lesson learnt – solo trippers do plan your booking if not anything else!

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Solo Trip #1.1

Yay! Finally its gonna be my first ever solo trip. Although staying hundreds of miles away from home and having relatives in all the corners of my country, travelling runs through my blood but this is the first time I would be actually travelling to a new place all alone for a leisure trip. 

Never been a person who plans thing, so I am yet to do my homework on where and how to visit. Well, I know how to visit but there lot many places that I am still to decide whether I should try to cover as many places as I can in 48 hours or should I cover a few, putting more time at each of them! Let’s see how it turns out to be!

Excited? Ofcourse. Afraid? Kind off. But whatever it may be its gonna fun! Let’s hope I am gonna make a memory out it! Shimla! Here I come!


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Life – Accept it!

The silence of night helps you to find many secrets amongst the darkness. Many a times we keep wondering why such things are even happening to you. Especially, if you have lived a life where you didn’t try to harm anyone intentionally. But then the night makes you realise a every important aspect of life.


If one just learn to accept the failure, and move on to try again next time, rather than crying over that failure, life could have been happier.

If one just accept that not all the dreams come true. Make those pieces of broken dream to create new dreams.

Although a broken dream hurts more than a broken heart, but if the dream is about a heart, it hurts the most! One has to accept the pain and find the strength  amongst that pain!

You cannot get everything and everyone you love. Accept! not everything and everyone is made for you, they have their own life stories which you might not be aware off!

Life is simple, just be honest, accept the failure and defeat, accept that you cannot be perfect! Although, you cannot make everyone happy at all the time, at least make those few happy who you can and when you can!

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Life in a nutshell!

Have you ever seen observed a tortoise? It remains, most of the time, in its shell without even peeking out, unless it’s alone or it’s important. As the people around it grow, its time in shell increases. That’s how the introverts are! They spend most of their life in their own nutshell. And no one knows how they are inside that shell, what they have been doing inside, what they have been thinking off or how they feeling out but for the world they are just some worthless to the world outside.

And once you get used to live in a nutshell, you don’t really think of breaking it for anyone ever.

But then someone comes up who starts to understand you. You feel like you are talking your won soul, start opening up yourself, your worst fears to your wildest dream, someone is there to listen to you, encourage you, and support you. And you feel so alive that you decide to break your shell for that someone. You start thinking whether it was good that you stayed inside that nutshell for all these years because you got someone so caring or whether that someone was waiting for you from years and you wasted years in coming out. But however and whatever it may be, breaking up the shell makes you to start dreaming, a new exciting life, and thinking as the life outside the nutshell would happen exactly as it was inside.

But then one day, you realize the world outside the shell doesn’t follow the same rule as you were inside. The feelings are not felt in the outside world, it needs to be expressed. While in your shell, you don’t have lot of expectations and can live without complains but as soon as you are out, there is a world waiting for you to meet their expectations and if you can’t, the world feels you betrayed them. Probably, when you don’t meet up an expectation, it’s a mistake larger than life. But you still try to be happy because you broke the shell not for the world but for the one who understood you. The one who wouldn’t care if you meet the expectations or not, because that someone knows where you came from and how you have been.

But then one day, the one who used to understand you, doesn’t understand you anymore. No matter what you say, the understanding cannot be brought back. Because once you’re in their world for so long, you can’t continue to live as you lived inside your nutshell. And when you keep failing even after all the chances given to you, you have been questioned on why you broke and came out of your nutshell if you never could be the part of their world. Why? It’s not that you haven’t tried to be the part of their world. Nothing could have been as beautiful as to see yourself with people caring about you. But the shell you came from, you have always dreamt and imagined of a life, where you want to keep everyone happy at all the time. But the real world doesn’t work in the same way you can’t keep everyone happy at all the times. And amongst the effort to make sync between these 2 different lives of yours, you lose. Yet you still can’t find the reason for that why!

And when you couldn’t answer and justify that why, you just look back to the shell you were part off. Slowly, you try to find the pieces of that broken shell again, to get into it once again, to learn what you used to be, an isolated worthless soul for the outside world! But those crack in nutshell could never be filled up, there are pieces which couldn’t hold up as before – leave you scared, afraid of what if someone would be able to see the weak you! But at the same time every ray of light and every drop of through those cracks always bring up a smile to your face and a tear to eyes – reminding you that how beautiful the world outside your nutshell was.

That’s when you learn that not everything can be the way you dreamt off. There are always some dreams unachieved, broken. And some feelings are better left unexpressed, unsaid!

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हर तरफ एक जंग छिड़ी है!

सरहद पर आतंकियों से जंग,
देश में धर्म की जंग,
धर्म एक तो जात की जंग,
जात एक तो जल की जंग!

हर तरफ एक जंग छिड़ी है!

आज़ाद देश में आज़ादी की जंग,
राजनेताओं में सिहाशन की जंग,
अमीरो में आरक्षण की जंग,
गरीबो की ज़िन्दगी से जंग!

हर तरफ एक जंग छिड़ी है!

खान पान पर जंग छिड़ी है,
भाषा बोली को लेकर जंग छिड़ी है,
देश एक पर राज्यो में जंग छिड़ी है,
राज्य एक तो राजनेता को लेकर जंग छिड़ी है!

हर तरफ एक जंग छिड़ी है!

हीर को रांझे से अलग करने की जंग,
इंसानियत की हैवानियत से जंग,
सपनो की सचाई से जंग,
भीड़ में खुद की पहचान की जंग!

हर तरफ एक जंग छिड़ी है!

न जाने कब यह प्रलय थम पायेगी,
न जाने कब इंसानियत सर उठा पायेगी,
न जाने कब वह दौर आएगा,
जब इंसान इंसान बन पायेगा!

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Random Thoughts

IMG_20160725_170731There is a ship waiting to take you to another place, a far off distant place but what that place would hold in for you. And you wonder why would you actually want to sail off? You have been running away from something and towards something but you never knew what that something is. And then comes a time when you don’t even want to figure out what that something is. You just want to keep running and running till you fall off and get so exhausted that you couldn’t even get up again! And at that moment, that very moment you will get to know all that you was running to and running away was Life! Just to live a life you or someone else viewed for you, you were running away from the life you were actually suppose to live! And since now you can’t go ahead and past won’t come back to you, you would just live like fully grown tree – an immovable – cannot grow further – living being – waiting to serve someone who can at least make use of this other no more useful life! What if I would have taken that ship – would the life be different – or it would have still be the way it is now! What if…!!!

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