हमने खुद को बड़े होते देखा है!

सड़को पर ठहाके लगते हुए,
खुद को बंद कमरे में रोते देखा है!

हमने खुद को बड़े होते देखा है!

मोहल्ले में अकड़ और रॉब जमाते हुए,
बेवजह गलतियों पर माफ़ी मांगते देखा है!

हमने खुद को बड़े होते देखा है!

कभी किसी की कदर न करते हुए,
सबको खुद से ऊपर रखते देखा है!

हमने खुद को बड़े होते देखा है!

बिना कुछ सोचे हर पल जीते हुए,
कल की फ़िक्र करते देखा है!

हमने खुद को बड़े होते देखा है!

बेफिक्रे से जीते हुए,
ज़िम्मेदारियों को उठाते देखा है!

हमने खुद को बड़े होते देखा है!

बाप के पैसो पर ऐश करते हुए,
पैसे बचा कर बाप को देते देखा है!

हमने खुद को बड़े होते देखा है!

अपनी हर इच्छा पूरी करने की ज़िद करते हुए,
खुद की ज़रूरतों को दबाते देखा है!

हमने खुद को बड़े होते देखा है!

हज़ारो ख्वाइशे को पूरा करने की चाहत रखते हुए,
अपने सपनो को खुद तोड़ते देखा है!

हमने खुद को बड़े होते देखा है!

आँखें मूंद हर बात पर विश्वास करते हुए,
अब हर इंसान को परखते देखा है!

हमने खुद को बड़े होते देखा है!

हर छोटी छोटी बातों में नुख्स निकालते हुए,
छोटे छोटे लम्हो में खुद को खुश होते देखा है!

हमने खुद को बड़े होते देखा है!

लाखो गलतियां करते हुए,
खुद को बेहतर इंसान बनते देखा है!

हमने खुद को बड़े होते देखा है!

पुरानी यादों को सीने में रखते हुए,
नयी यादों को जीवन की कहानी में पिरोते देखा है!

हमने खुद को बड़े होते देखा है!

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आज कल और आज!

कभी शब्दो के लहरों में वक़्त कम पड़ जाता था,
आज वक़्त है पर शब्द नहीं!
कभी हर रात अधूरे किस्से सुना जाती थी,
आज न वो किस्से है न वो रात!

कभी तुझे हँसाने के लाख तरीके आते थे,
आज तेरे अश्क़ तक नहीं पुछ पाते!
कभी कितना भी लम्बा हो सफर, अल्फाज़ो में कट जाता था,
आज हर सफर खामोशियो से भरा है!

शायद बदल गया है बहुत कुछ,
वह नादानियों की जगह ज़िम्मेदारियों ने ले ली,
टूटते सपनो के शोर ने, हर तरफ खामोशी कर दी,
पर अब खोने का डर नहीं, बहुत कुछ पाने की तमन्ना है!

क्योकि आज भी वो मोहब्बत है और है वो एहसास,
तेरे दूर जाने पर आज भी नहीं कटते दिन रात,
आज भी तेरी एक झलक से मुस्कुरा उठते है,
और तेरे नाराज़ होने पर भूख गवा बैठते है!

क्योकि आज भी अकेले होते है तो पुराने किस्से पड़ते जाते है,
तेरी तस्वीरें देख कर चुपके से ही सही मुस्करा जाते है!
आज भी न जताना आता है न मनाना,
पर फिर भी तेरे ग़म में अधूरे और तेरी ख़ुशी में पुरे हो जाते है!

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Happy Birthday Babes!

Oh girl! So its end of one of your best day in life, your birthday. Congratulations on completing 29 years and stepping into your 30’s [Haha…welcome to starting line of old age club, one more year and you won’t be calling me old :P] I am so excited yet so nervous. After all, its your first birthday with me after marriage. I am not sure how your day has gone but I am just keeping my fingers crossed expecting that I might have managed to surprise you a bit. If not anything, I am pretty sure you might have loved cup cakes. Did I manage to make smile for at least some part of the day or was I same regular dumb idiot husband who just kept sleeping? I know I have risked it much with the thought of gifting a very different watch [but to be on safe side I confirmed it can be exchanged – but what if you like it for a change and may be my choice turns out to be good..very minimal chances though :P], and then I am risking with writing something in Hindi for you [I am hoping no grammatical mistakes found :P]. At a time I was so confident of that write up that I thought I will frame and will present you but then realize it would be more like glorifying myself and hence just the print out [Sorry! not able to get the colored one though :(] I thought of calling house decorator but then realized you will call me copy cat, so let me do it myself. I just hope it look decent enough to cheer you up. Oh God! My all planning is dependent just on hopes! 😀

Anyways so how was the party baby? Did you like the dessert more than the pub?(assuming we didn’t get too late and able to cover both places :D) I am not sure I would even be able to post this at mid night if I am very high and might be making out with you. So let me post it first and send you link only at midnight [with another hope that you don’t accidentally land up on this page].

I am so happy to be with you today. Probably this will be the first birthday when I would be spending whole day with you (minus your client visit..huh..last minute plans). I know I won’t be as good as you ever in celebrating your day but you know that I love you more 😛 😀

Thank you for being with me biwiji. I know this was another hell of the year but I wish the coming year becomes much better and brings many happiness in your life. May you get to travel a lot more (I mean vacations and that too with me :D), may you get to laugh out loud many more times (the way you were when you were good high – not beyond that :/), may your husband becomes a better person (thought mentioning perfect but then realized let’s be realistic, lets become good first :D), may all your dreams come true.

So in the end, this one is for you: “You may at times feel life is dark long tunnel but remember there is light at the end of every tunnel. You have been my guiding light and I am trying to be yours. Yes, I might lose way at times, might become part of darkness but I promise, I will always come back with more light and makes the journey easier for you. You have been always one of the strongest girl I know and I am proud of you. As every year passes by, I love you even more. May all your dreams come true this year and may I stand strongly with you to achieve all your dreams. May happiness chose you to stay with you for this and all coming years – for forever! Wish you a very happy birthday again babes!”

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The Glass Theory!

2Life is a glass half full of water. No one’s life is perfect in the world neither for the richest person in the world nor for the poorest person. Someone said money cannot buy happiness but its better to cry in Mercedes than in bicycle. Yet it forget to consider, life could have happier in-spite of having a bicycle! And all of it depends on a glass of water!

In a small journey of life, I have seen while an orphan is sad about having no one in life, many family cribs about wanting to live alone! While poor are sad about no big houses, rich have an issue with having too many houses to manage! Jobless people struggles to get a small job while people with job complains about how hectic and bad their work life is! But among-st all these people there are still few who are happiest! These few people are around you and you never see them sad! They are not the richest people, they are not the people with all the resources available to them, they might even be jobless or orphans or even married! (pun intended). These is because they are not worried about filling the rest of the empty glass, they are happy to see the glass half full!

There are usually 3 kinds of people in this world:

1. The first and most commonly around you are the one who sees the top half of the glass – the empty half! They are constantly so worried about the empty half that they even forget to acknowledge that rest half of the glass is actually full which in times of need is enough to quench the thirst! They miss to celebrate the most moments in life because the thought of emptiness never let them do so!

2. The second and very rare kind of people are those who see the bottom half of the glass – the filled one! In-spite of being aware that the other half is empty, they tend to live in the moment and stays happy for what they have rather than what they don’t. They celebrate everything as if the life is full!

3. And then there are rarest of rare 3rd kind of people. They are aware of both the part of glass. The empty half and the filled half! They enjoy the moment and yet constantly make efforts to fill the rest half of the glass. Difficult to spot but these people do exist. They don’t miss out celebration in worrying about empty half and yet they don’t over celebrate to make sure they make effort to fill the glass completely!

Doesn’t matter what kind of person you are but remember at the end there was a glass with some water in it. Don’t be so worried about the empty part that you end up breaking the glass. On the other side, don’t be so oblivion to the empty part that one day you end up with nothing. Life is too short to complain. Its a journey which when comes to an end there will always be something that will be left or missed. The only thing that would matter is whether you enjoyed the journey, enjoyed the surroundings and captured the moments or missed most of it worrying about how bad the roads were or how you lost the way or about the other passengers! Everyone’s journey is already been decided – the path, the distance, the destination. The only thing left on us to be decided is how we decide to cover and live the distance and greet the destination either with a grin or a grim! The choice is ours! The life is ours! Lets make it count!

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Happy Anniversary Wifey!

Dear Wifey,

It’s been a journey of ups and downs. At our best, we enjoyed and lived items out of our bucket list, making memories through our journey. And at our worst, well to be honest, at times even I don’t know how we survived. But yet every time we went down, we came up stronger than before and with a promise to make up for lost time. However, even after an year I still wonder why such a talented, intelligent, smart girl like you is in so much love with a lazy, a bit dumb and lame guy like me. A perfect girl in love with an imperfect guy! Why? The only reason could be that, as people say, love is blind 😝 And I hope it stays this way 😃

You have been my sunshine each day for last one year. Waking up each morning next to you, driving you to your workplace and waiting for that one last look before you get into your building, eagerly waiting to get back to home after work to get warmest of your hugs as if the day have been as long as years of separation, cooking dinner together (well, I know my part of cooking involves just sitting in the kitchen and watching you but still its inspirational for you :P) and then after day long tiredness watching you smiling in your dreams and then you snuggling into my arms. At times it feels as if I am living in dreamland. But these are the times when I can say my realities are better than my dreams!

Yes, I do fight at times, hurt your feelings don’t know how many times in past one year, have made many mistakes but sweetheart, I have and will always love you. I have not been a perfect person and may have been a-husband-with-lot-of-flaws but I promise that I will keep getting better. I am the wine that gets better with age. 😝 Oh this reminds me of how many times a day you have to bear my lame PJ. At least this is what I am good at 😛

So dear Biwiji, for this and all the coming anniversaries, I swear by the old gods and the new, that I will always abide by the “Oath of Love”:

“Night gathers, and now my love begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take you, holds love with no boundary, parents no child. I shall wear the best dress and win all glory. I shall live and die in arms of my love. I will be your light in the darkness. I will be the bearer of love. I will be shield that guards the realms of you. I pledge my life and honor to you, for this night and all the nights to come.”

With lots of love,

Yours forever,


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Let’s live before we leave!

Life is a long story with lot of twists, love, pain, emotions, drama! And at some point of time it becomes so complicated that you miss the most important part of it! Your life is about you, you are suppose to be the lead actor in your life story and rest everyone else are the characters which helps you to build your time story! But when you give away your storyline and let other characters to decide how your story is going to be, you lose the plot! You end up being nowhere in your own story!

That’s when you need to flip over the pages, take a pause and take the control of your role. Don’t try to make your role lovable, just make it simple! Don’t try to be someone else and nor force any character of your life story to be you! Let everyone including you grow with time! Because doesn’t matter what you try, how hard you try, its a story and sooner or later, there would an end to it! And the day you close your book, it wouldn’t matter how many characters were there in your book, it wouldn’t matter how those character were but what would matter is whether you lived your story or not! Let’s live before we leave!

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Solo Trip #1.2

Alas! I should have planned atleast the hotel booking. Mad rush with all the hotel rooms booked! But streets are empty! Why would someone comes out of his home just to sleep! Anyways, lesson learnt – solo trippers do plan your booking if not anything else!

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